Lottery Circle Frequently Asked Questions

NOTE: Lottery is for entertainment purposes only. We do not guarantee that you will win with this or any system out there. Always set a loss limit/budget, play responsibly, and logically for entertainment purposes only.

I just purchased Lottery Circle today. How do I create my username and where is my login info? (NEW CUSTOMERS READ THIS & DO THIS FIRST!!!)

  1. After you purchase Lottery Circle software, log into your
  2. Click on "My Purchases" (top right).
  3. From there, click on Lottery Circle to create your own Lottery Circle username and password. (You will do it one time).
  4. Go to and log in. (Previous members go here)
  5. Get instant access to Lottery Circle online software. (No download necessary because this is a web based software)

If you don't know how to do so or didn't receive it, then send an email to our support at ceovendor [at] gmail [dot] com and we will send you your login info within 24 hours. You are responsible for creating your own account or contacting us to create your account. You cannot get refund if you didn't create or didn't contact us to create your account as described in the above instructions. As stated, all sales are final to make everything easy for everyone to understand.

LASTLY - Within 24 hours (if you don't create your own login), we will email you your login info to you directly. Usually, your login username will be your email address and your password will be yourfullnamewithnocaps

(If you didn't receive your login, please email us at & we will send you your login in 24 hours asap. Thank you.)

Can I pay for your products via mail (outside the internet)?

Yes! Just mail cash (even numbers please) or money order to "Hot Methods":

Hot Methods
PO BOX 6185
Alhambra, CA 91802

Instructions: Just add a separate piece of paper with your 1) name 2) email address 3) which product you want access to

Thank you. After we receive payment, we will send you EMAIL to the email you sent us for your product within 1-2 days!

How do I join the Lottery Circle affiliate program to get paid per referral?

People have wanted to make money promoting Lottery Circle online. Click here to visit the Lottery Circle Affiliate Program. Thank you.

Where is page to log into Lottery Circle after I create my username?

Click here to watch instructions on how to log in to your Lottery Circle software. Lottery Circle is an online, web based software so you don't need to download anything. Just log in using your username and password. Your login info and instructions to log in was sent to your email inbox so check your email or junk box just in case.

How do I cancel my future billing?

  • You are responsible for cancelling your subscription because you can cancel subscription by logging inside paypal which ONLY YOU CAN DO. Follow the INSTRUCTIONS to cancel your future billing anytime.

For JVZoo & Paypal

  1. Log in to your PAYPAL account
  2. Click PROFILE > PROFILE SETTINGS on top right.
  4. Click MERCHANT > CANCEL ("status").
  5. DONE!

For Clickbank

  • Clickbank Cancellation Instructions: If you want to cancel your future clickbank billing, the email and write your receipt number in your email subject line and body message.

Do you offer refunds?

All Sales Are Final/No Refunds meaning we do not offer any refunds (for ALL our products). Anyone who does a dispute, refund, or chargeback will be entered into a customer blacklist and will be banned from our website and other vendors. If you want to cancel your FUTURE billing, contact us at ceovendor [at] gmail [dot] com and your future subscription will be cancelled in 24 hours. Thank you. Even if you didn't create your own username (which is your responsibility after payment) or contact us to create your username, you cannot get a refund because simply our website policy states ALL SALES ARE FINAL. This makes it simple for the future for everyone. Thank you for understanding. Cheers!

What if I try to dispute this payment and pretend I didn't get access to software when I actually did? We've been in business for ten years and we will defend our policy stated multiple times on our sales page and faq page. Our website policy states that ALL SALES ARE FINAL meaning we do not offer refunds. We have 100% proof of your email & IP address & date & time of your accessing our site. So we will escalate your dispute all the way to our vendors and payment processor to make sure all sales stay final even if you didn't get access to the software because it is YOUR RESPONSIBILITY to follow instructions in the very top of this FAQ page to create your own username and password as we prefer that be done by the member instead of us as for your own privacy. Plus, majority of the time, most people have common sense and create their login info. It's only about 10% of the time that we have some people come back and ask questions about access to the site. We also state this to protect the integrity of our site and members of our site. We only want honest and responsible customers/members in our site to access our products and services.

Also Paypal (our current payment processor) already knows our "all sales are final / no refund policy" and have always sided with our company instead of the customer due to our simple NO REFUND POLICY so all requests for that will be ignored or redirected to this section of the page for simplicity reasons. Thank you for understanding. =)

I am a customer. Who do I contact if I have questions as a customer regarding my membership or billing?

Please email us at ceovendor [at] gmail [dot] com and we will answer you within 24-48 hours with subject line "LC Member" for faster response.

What is Lottery Circle?

Lottery Circle is an easy-to-use lottery analysis software to analyze popular & trending lotto numbers such as hot, cold, and overdue numbers for your favorite lottery games (such as pick 3, pick 4, pick 5, pick 6, and multistate games such as Powerball & MegaMillions) with a one click push button online software. (Works in USA, UK, Canada, & EuroMillions) To use Lottery Circle, click here to watch this video presentation and become a member today!

I have questions about strategies and how to use this software and want to bother you guys with unnecessary emails and waste your staff and your team time?

If you send us any annoying and unnecessary emails related to strategies or techniques, then your emails will be ignored. Thank you for understanding. We like to have a freedom lifestyle type of business so keep the questions to a minimum. We answer questions related to billing and customers for sure but not the other stuff. If we sense you are the few minority 1% annoying type of customers, then we have the right to refuse business in the future. We have the right to refuse service as well.

Why does price change on Lottery Circle?

Like any business, prices can go up and down. We may change prices anytime. However, the GOOD NEWS is that when you buy at your rate, you are LOCKED at your constant paying rate so make sure to make sure there is funds in your PayPal account (or update your credit card) to continually to remain a member at your low rate that you got. The price may go up or down anytime so we recommend to buy Lottery Circle at the lowest price possible because we will increase price over time like any other business does. Thank you for understanding and have fun and play responsibly in the lottery. Take care. =)

Can I become a yearly member if I am currently a monthly member?

Yes, to do that, follow these steps.

  1. Click here and purchase the YEARLY option first.
  2. After you pay for yearly option, then follow instructions to cancel your monthly option.
  3. We will provide you yearly access for your username.
  4. After your payment, if you need assistance, contact us ceovendor [at] gmail [dot] com.

What countries does Lottery Circle work with?

  • USA (all lotto games such as pick 3, pick 4, pick 5, pick 6, and multistate games in all states that play lotto)
  • Multi state games such as Powerball & Mega Millions
  • Canada
  • Puerto Rico
  • United Kingdom
  • EuroMillions (Multi-Country Lottery Game in Europe)

Do I download anything?

No, you don't have to download anything because Lottery Circle is an online membership software. You will get your login info after your purchase and you can instantly access the software after you log in to our membership site.

Can I win lottery with this software?

We always like to say that lottery is primarily for entertainment purposes and we like to keep it realistic. So we don't guarantee you will win any lotto games with our software. However, we have had people get winning numbers using our software. But for terms of services, we don't guarantee the lotto as lottery is for entertainment purposes but if you like picking your numbers based on hot, cold, or overdue numbers like many lotto enthusiasts do and recommend, then this is a very easy to use software to provide you those type of numbers with a simple click of a button.

I am not a customer but I am interested in Lottery Circle software and have some questions to ask before I purchase. Who do I contact?

Please email us at ceovendor [at] gmail [dot] com and we will answer you within 24-48 hours.

I have heard there are some other softwares or websites have a similar software like yours for free so why should I pay for Lottery Circle?

First of all, our software is the most up to date software for all the lotto games that is updated on a daily basis. In addition, if there are software or sites similar to ours, they have very distracting websites with bunch of ads that prevent you from fully using this software for your lottery playing purposes. As licensees for the software, we decided to provide a platform to use the software with ZERO ADS (kind of like satellite radio vs terrestrial radio). Now, we are the #1 MOST AFFORDABLE site with the lottery software WITHOUT any ads. Other sites give you tons of ads so it's a huge distraction to use the software on multiple devices such as your laptop, phone, or tablet. That is why we have a simple recurring fee to continually use the online software without any ads. The other alternative is to offer this software for free and have a bunch of distracting ads and as a company, we prefer the monthly payment option for a cleaner, simple, and focused platform.

Can I see Lottery Circle testimonials?

Yes, absolutely you can. We have over 400+ Lottery Circle members who have given us feedback and testimonials. Click here to read our real life Lottery Circle testimonials here.

I'm interested. How do I join Lottery Circle?

Click here to get Lottery Circle. Choose one option to get started. After your purchase, check your email inbox (junk box just in case) to get your login information to get instant access to your Lottery Circle software! Congrats and welcome to our software!

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